Simple workflow

Gain valuable insights and know exactly who is reading your document, which pages they read and for how long, who else they share it with and more!

Login with Dropbox
Select the file you want to follow
Visualize all the activity
Easy to find all your documents with Pilemetrics

Select the document

Once you've signed up with your Dropbox account, you will be able to find all your Dropbox's documents easily.

Create a unique link

Once you have the document you want, it's easy to give it a name and create a unique and secure link for it. With this, you will be able to share with whoever you want.

Generate your private and personal link with Pilemetrics
Collect meaninful data for all your documents with Pilemetrics

Get valuable insights

As soon as your recipient/s opens the document, you will be able to know the time they spend in the document in total or page by page and so much more!

Stop guessing. Sell more.

Avoid vanity metrics like email open rates and start getting deeper analytics on when, where and how your sales documents are viewed by customers and prospects so you know how to time and tailor your follow up for maximum impact.