Sending presentations and sales content to your prospects, clients and partners is an effective way to close a deal.

But…what’s the problem of sending them as an email attachment? Well, you will miss the valuable data and as a result, you are missing out on insights that can make some of your most critical tasks more productive, effective and will help you close deals faster.

By using tools like Pile to share documents as links, not email attachments, a whole new level of data becomes available to you.

There are 3 key reasons why you need to stop attaching sales content to emails:

1- Avoid vanity metric like email open rates

Know when the recipient opens your email is very rewarding but is it valuable to us? Does the recipient read the whole email? Or only the first two words? Or the email client they are using opens the email automatically?

When focus on tracking email open rates, you have zero visibility on what is happening on the other side. And, if those emails are having critical and high-value documents, the scenario is even worst.

Let’s use an example here: a potential client is going through your business proposal. Now it’s when they are engaged the most with you, your proposal and what you are selling. So this is the best time to answer them questions, doubts and collect feedback.

Because you are using Pile, you can know when they read your document, and on which page they spend the most time on. With this data, you can a bit and proactively call them and have your talking points based on their interests. You know with which parts of the content engaged them the most, and which parts skip.

2- Don’t get caught by firewalls and blacklists

When you use email attachments to send any material, some servers and email clients can block your email due to spam or virus issues.

Also, Messages with attachments are annoying and most recipients won’t trust them. Email attachments are the hallmark of many phishing scams and often end up in the junk folder automatically. At the same time, tracking emails open rates and email attachments open rates isn’t the most effective strategy if you want to close deals.

3- Track, iterate and improve your content

Track your sales and marketing documents is key to make useful, engaging and captivating content. Once you send the same presentation a few times you will quickly start to see patterns of engagement. You will be able to learn what is resonating with your viewers, what they skip over and what content is the one that helps you close deals.

Here’s an example of a presentation:

pile dashboard
Using Pile, you can quickly know how readers are engaging with your presentation.

Thanks to this information, you can iterate on your presentation, and make it more impactful. This isn’t figuring out how to cram more information down your customer’s throat.

This is listening closely to what the customers are telling you through their behavior to give them more engaging experience.

Jose Bautista co-founder of Pile

Written by:
Jose Bautista is a designer and co-founder of Pile. When he’s not building Pile, he’s enjoying TV shows, play with his family and enjoying the sunny Barcelona. He’s @_btsta on Twitter.