track viewer engagement for your documents

No matter in which stage your prospect or client is, that sales and marketing content is one of the most powerful tools to engage with them. It helps you connect with cold leads in a more warmer way, it helps you nurture them during the whole buyer’s journey and helps you close deals faster. And with the rise of sales enablement tool out there, your job is easier than ever before.

Create compelling content it’s easy, but it shouldn’t be the goal. Instead, we should focus on how it performs and how our readers are engaging with the content you are creating. By doing so, you can start creating better content and close more deals.

Imagine knowing when a partner has looked at the partnership proposal presentation you’ve sent them, and which are the pages they spend the most time on reading. Or knowing when a sales prospect has received, read it and download the amazing case study you’ve specially created for them during the weekend. Or which are the pages that your clients spend more time reading from your product presentation.

Knowing when someone views your PDF document, which pages they spend more time on and for how long is an extremely valuable information for you. It goes beyond the email attachment open notification and helps you identify which content works best, which is the most engaging content and helps you connect with the leads more personally and at the right moment.

Getting all this valuable information has never been easier.

Drive engagement with our sales enablement tool

Pile, our sales enablement tool that helps you track your content, helps you move away from vanity metrics like email open rates, email attachment open rates to focus on the real metrics that will help you improve: the document engagement.

With Pile, you can focus on how your readers are engaging with your sales content by knowing who viewed your sales content, including which pages were viewed and for how long they were viewed for and who downloaded it.

Our customers are using Pile to help them produce better content by knowing exactly which content works best, which are the pages that people spend more time reading, close more deals by doing more warmer and personalized follow-ups with those leads that are more interested in their product.

Here’s practical guide on how easy it is to start creating more engaging content with Pile:

Content management to store all your content

register with Dropbox

To start with, you just need register for free with your Dropbox account. We use the power of Dropbox’s cloud storage to use it as a content management. The connection is completely secure.

Find the content and share it

find your documents in Dropbox

From our dashboard, you will have access to all your Dropbox’s material. Now it’s time to find the piece of content you want to share and create a secure and personal link.

Monitor how your content is viewed

How Pile works
How Pile works

After sharing the link with your audience, it’s time to sit back and monitor how your content is viewed. We will provide a detailed analytics on:

  • Time your audience is spending on your document
  • Page by page analytics to see how much time your audience is spending on each page of the document.
  • How many times your document has been downloaded.

Learn, iterate and close deals

Time to learn from your audience. By knowing all this information, you can quickly know which parts of your content works better for your audience, so you can improve your communications and material.

This information will help you close deals faster by creating more personal follow-ups, at the right time and build warmer introductions with your cold leads.

Over to you

If you are using sales or marketing content to communicate with your clients, prospects, and partners, how’s process looks like? Feel free to move your sales content to the next level with Pile, a sales enablement tool that helps you track your documents for free.

Jose Bautista co-founder of Pile

Written by:
Jose Bautista is a designer and co-founder of Pile. When he’s not building Pile, he’s enjoying TV shows, play with his family and enjoying the sunny Barcelona. He’s @_btsta on Twitter.