Dropbox is incredibly useful for storing, sharing, and backing up files. One of the key advantages of Dropbox is that it’s so easy to use: you simply set it up and then forget about it.

But, you may be surprised to know, it can actually do a whole lot more than that. It offers so many features and productivity tools that you can’t even count on your fingers.

We have hand-picked some of the amazing things you can do with Dropbox and probably don’t know about it.

1- Request files from Anyone

To initiate a file request, first head straight to your Dropbox account and click on File Request in the sidebar to go to the file request page. Click on the “Request Files” button to create a file request.

You will have to specify a catchall name for the files you want to collect and choose the folder you want to save them.
For every file request that you create, you will get a unique link to share with the people you want to receive files from. There’s also an amazing 3rd party service that does that, like Balloon.

2- Enable two-step verification for extra security

Two-step verification essentially means you need more than a password to set up Dropbox on a new computer or device. This is something Gmail has offered for a while now, and while it makes the setup process more inconvenient if you move to a new computer, it’s well worth it for the extra account protection. Two-step verification can be activated from the “Security tab” of the Dropbox Settings page.

3- Scan any document with your phone

The days of the scanner are over. You only need the Dropbox app in your smartphone. Open it and click the plus sign at the bottom-right-hand-corner of the screen. One of the options that should appear is “scan document”.

As you take a photo, a blue border should appear around the item you’re focusing on. Make sure your document isn’t either crumpled up or reflecting too much glare. You can make adjustments to the photo if needed, and when you are finished making the changes, tap “done” at the top-right-hand corner of the screen.

Once you are done, tap next at the top-right-hand-corner of the screen, and you should be taken to a screen where you can name your file and save it.

scan documents with your smartphone and Dropbox app.

5- Access your files offline

If you are traveling, in commute or basically you don’t have internet connection you can even access your documents through Dropbox’s app version. To do that open your Dropbox app and navigate to your files, click on the small arrow on the right and choose “Available offline”.

4- Know who’s viewing your documents with Pile

If you happen to share documents, files, and folders with clients, partners, and colleagues at work, Pile is for you!

Pile is a easy to use tool that gives the power to know when your shared Dropbox files have been viewed, which page they spend the most time on and the number of downloads downloaded by the recipients. This is really helpful to understand how others are interacting and engaging with your content. You can start using Pile for free.

How Pile works
How Pile works

6- Recover deleted files

Don’t worry if you deleted your important file from your Dropbox, you haven’t lost it yet. Dropbox keeps deleted files for 30 days after you’ve erased them. Click on “Show deleted files” button to see them, then right-click and select ”Restore” to bring them back.

How Do You Use Dropbox?

These hacks and add-ons just scratch the surface of how you can use Dropbox to be more productive. But with storage, sharing, and collaboration capabilities, there are probably tons of different ways that people are using it to get more done.

Jose Bautista co-founder of Pile

Written by:
Jose Bautista is a designer and co-founder of Pile. When he’s not building Pile, he’s enjoying TV shows, play with his family and enjoying the sunny Barcelona. He’s @_btsta on Twitter.