Better content marketing with Dropbox

Dropbox is a useful tool to store and backup your files in the cloud. But there are many more powerful features that are yet to unlock. Did you know that it’s also an awesome tool to improve your content marketing efforts?

Dropbox’s features can help you become a more effective content marketer, be more productive and improve the collaboration with your teammates. Here are a few ideas on how you could integrate Dropbox into your content marketing workflow and strategy.

1.Collaborate with your teammates

Create content is something that doesn’t happen in isolation. It involves many stakeholders and many people, and It also requires a lot of research, revisions, and feedback.

Keeping track of people’s feedback and revisions can be a nightmare, but File Comments keeps your conversations around content marketing organized in one place. Use it to provide or gather feedback from one or many people, in one step, right from your web browser. You can even tag others to respond or complete a task related to the file.

2. Dropbox as a central hub of content

Centralize all your content in Dropbox to ensure your teammates and the rest of stakeholders has access to the latest presentations, brochures, and videos on any device.

Share a Dropbox folder with others so that you can collaborate on the same files and folders. Any changes you make to the contents of a shared folder are synced with other members. The Dropbox badge alerts you as people open, edit, and update shared Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint files, which helps you keep up-to-date with the latest version and eliminate the pain of creating clashing versions of your work.

3. Share files with your prospects

There’s time that marketing and salespeople need to send pdf documents—business case studies, product presentations, etc— to prospects. But sending them as an email attachment isn’t the best way. Send them a link instead. Dropbox helps you generate a link to send to your prospects, so they can access or download the latest version of the file.

Unfortunately, Dropbox doesn’t provide you with analytics on how your prospects are engaging with your documents. Using 3rd party apps like Pile will help you analyze who’s your most engaged viewer, in which page they spend the most time on, and who downloaded the documents.

Over to you

Dropbox is more than a storage tool, and it can be very beneficial for marketing teams to be more productive, open and analytic about their content marketing efforts. And with the power of sales enablement tools like Pile, Dropbox can become a great content marketing resource for you and your team.

Jose Bautista co-founder of Pile

Written by:
Jose Bautista is a designer and co-founder of Pile. When he’s not building Pile, he’s enjoying TV shows, play with his family and enjoying the sunny Barcelona. He’s @_btsta on Twitter.