Qualify your leads.

Pile gives you Google analytics for your documents. Send your marketing material and we give you insights on who reads it, in which page they spend more time on and so much more.
Pilemetrics dashboard

Know your prospects

Know who opens your documents, what pages they read and who they forward it to so you can know their interest.

Precise follow-up

Did they read my document? Do I need to follow-up now now? Your time is limited, so know exactly to who and when you need to focus on.

Understand which content works

Increase the chances of success by undertanding which type of content they like the most, and which one is the most engaging.

The perfect tool for

Startup CEOs and Founders

When you're fundraising, knowing who's the most engaged investor is a key factor to close the round fast.


With our page-by-page analytics, know exactly which is the content that works better for your target audience.

Sales Representatives

Know who are the people that are more interested in your services, and follow up accordingly.

Collect all the information

Document tracking

Know when shared Dropbox files or folders are previewed/downloaded by your customers.

Real time notifications

Know as soon as your documents are opened, see in real-time as your lead engages with your content.

Document page by page viewership

Understand how your documents are being viewed, right down to the time spent on each page.

Document performance analytics

See how well your content is performing overall with engagement and drop-off reports.

Auto updated

Share always your last version of the document. Save it in Dropbox and we will auto update the link.

Security and control

Password protect your documents, turn off access, time expire and restrict downloads.

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